wedding photos are up!

We’ve had our wedding pictures for several months now and have just gotten around to posting them. We’ve broken them up into the basic sections of our big day: getting ready, the ceremony, formal pictures, cocktail hour and reception. We also uploaded our favorite engagement photos. They were all so great we had a hard time narrowing them down. If you want to see more of this

MBWed 0409

and this

MBWed 0871


check out our wedding photos! Thanks again to everyone who made our big day amazing!



A toasty morning

Ok maybe not toasty but waking up to a 60 deg bedroom this morning was much nicer than climbing out of a sleeping bag in 45 deg temps! My lovely husband stayed home from work yesterday, got a replacement part, and fixed it! Here is a pic of the furnace alive!!!


A cold night

Tonight is supposed to be super cold. Negative digits plus wind chill cold. While I sometimes grumble about the cold whatever, it’s winter in upstate New York. It’s expected. So the house was a bit chilly and Bryan went to check on the thermostat. Heat should have kicked in. Hmmmm. To the basement! After some searching around and a phone call to dad, the furnace is dead. 10pm and the furnace is dead. Fantastic. Posting this from my phone and if I’ve done it right, there should be a picture of the broken piece below. We have a fire going and it’s time to bust out the winter sleeping bags and long undies. Night all.


NYE in Lake Placid

To use up the credit we had at High Peaks Resort, we headed up to Lake Placid for New Years and to see what the Adirondacks are like in the winter.  Turns out they are pretty freakin beautiful in the winter too!

After an uneventful trip north we rolled into town late afternoon. Our room wasn’t really yet so we took a quick walk up and down the main street. By time we got into our room and were settled in we got a chance to get a view from our balcony.


Then we went to the Lake Placid Brew Pub for a bite to eat. After some tasty food and eats we headed back to the room and to bed.

In the morning we woke up to a beautiful, cold day. Bryan decided to take a chance on cross-country skiing and rented a pair at EMS. We took our first spin on them on Mirror Lake. Locals say you know it’s frozen enough when the sled dogs start running on it. And they were.

DSC_0328   DSC_0341

We took a lunch brake and then headed to the Van Hoevenberg cross country ski course at the Olympic Center. While skiing on mostly ice isn’t desirable it was beautiful and we had a blast.

DSCN2602   DSCN2605

After a few hard falls we headed back to the hotel. We had dinner at the brew pub again and saw a ton of pretty lights from our  hotel room.


We woke to a beautiful NYE morning.


We got up and around and headed to the Cascade Cross Country Ski Center for some skiing. It was freakin freezing so we bundled up to stay warm.


We hit a few rough/icy patches but eventually found a good trail with some pretty views.

DSCN2612   DSCN2613   DSCN2614

There was a snowman that was pointing us back to the lodge.

DSCN2621   DSCN2622

Post lunch we went for a short hike. Last year we had camped in at Marcy Dam and then did some side hikes. This time we decided to just hike into Marcy Dam and take a look around. See what it looked like in the winter.

DSC_0389   DSC_0394   DSC_0404   DSC_0401  DSC_0408  DSCN2630 DSC_0405

After we got back to the hotel we cleaned up and did a little shopping in town and then headed to dinner. We had amazing NYE eats. We headed back to the hotel for some dessert and drinks. The ball went down and we drank champagne.

New Year’s Day we woke up slowly and had a tasty brekker and then headed home. On the way there were a few beautiful views that I just had to shoot.





Have a great 2014!


A Crazy Christmas

Happy Christmas! A titch late. We are currently in Lake Placid and while I’d rather still be catching up on my sleep it was promised I would blog about Christmas so I’m sitting by the window watching the little snows in the air. This Christmas was a hectic one for us. Bryan’s big project at work has left us little to no free time which means when we have some we try to cram in as much as we can. Bryan’s first day of vacation turned out to be Solstice (Saturday the 21st). We did our own little Christmas/Solstice celebration and gifts then.


Lentek-Duke Christmas 2013

We had picked up an Our First Christmas ornament this year since it’s (obviously) our first Christmas married. I love the little birds 🙂

Our First Christmas

Our First Christmas

Unfortunately we only had one day to ourselves but we made the most of it. I had gotten Bryan a video game (Lego LOTR) and we spent most of the afternoon/evening playing in front of the tree. As a bonus we cooked up a roaring fire that the dog crashed in front of.

We were up early the next morning to pack and head up to Buffalo. Once there we quick changed and rushed off to Grandma Mary’s 90th birthday party at Chet’s house to celebrate and spend time with Bryan’s family. Good times, good food, good people. It was fun hearing all of the family stories/history. It’s always neat to hear a family trace their path. We all have a story to tell and I’m thinking next time we may need to record it for future generations. After the party we had a bit of down time and then went out to Gabriel’s Gate with Koz to catch up. And to start my tour of local restaurants. I always hear about all of these great places that I’ve never been to so we decided to slowly remedy that. Moday we went to the Y for a morning run and then did a bunch of errands. It took us four hours to go to four places. That sort of traffic always reminds me why I don’t like living in cities/suburbs. Since Monday is Ken’s bowling night we went out to dinner with Sue at Pairings, a nice quiet restaurant with an excellent wine list. I loved the crostini appetizer and my chicken saltimbocca was very tasty. The mussels Bryan got were rather good as well. After dinner we met up with Erika and Rogers for dessert and drinks and a tour of their house. They are in the midst of a bunch of home improvement projects and it is going to be great to see the end result!

Christmas Eve morning we hit the Y for a run and picked up a few things on the way home. After a late breakfast we opened presents.

Duke Family Christmas 2013

Duke Family Christmas 2013

There was so much to open. One of the big themes for the year was Doctor Who. I knit Ken the Fourth Doctor’s scarf, all 12 feet of it!

12' of Doctor Who awesome-ness

12′ of Doctor Who awesome-ness

Bryan got a lot of stuff for his new hobby, making stuff out of kydex. Big gifts for us were snow shoes! Even though the majority of the snow had melted and there was only a few inches out we had to go around the yard a few times.

photo (3)

Then we were off to Christmas Eve services. My tardis socks worked nicely under my knee high boots. It was a good service and it’s always nice to see families out doing things together. After we picked up Grandma Mary for her birthday dinner. Aunt Jill was already at Bryan’s parents when we got there. The pirogi and Polish sausage were good and the coconut cream pie was delicious. After they left we took Seneca for a walk and she found a bunch of deer tracks.

Maybe reindeer?

Maybe reindeer?

Post walk we watched the Muppet’s Christmas Carol and headed to bed.

Christmas morning Ken made up some French toast using a cinnamon swirl bread and eggnog. So festive and tasty! Bryan enjoyed some left over Polish sausage as well. We got a late departure but were finally on the road to my parent’s house by 10. After some frantic repacking and running around we made it for a late lunch at 1. After a light lunch we opened presents in front of the fire. All around I think we all enjoyed what we received.

Lentek Family Christmas 2013

Lentek Family Christmas 2013

Seneca especially loved her present from Jack and Max.

Tuffy time!

Tuffy time!

By time we were done and had FaceTimed with Jen it was time to make dinner. Sweet and Sour Shrimp, yum! After Grandma went home we hung out by the fire, chatted, and went to bed early.

Boxing day started with us taking Seneca for a hike.


After breakfast we ran a few errands/picked up a few things from our place. All afternoon we worked on our various projects. I worked on a quilt that I had put on hold when wedding planning started and my mom knitted. Bryan and my dad worked on getting his kydex stuff set up in the basement and then Bryan made a knife sheath.

First attempt

First attempt

We took a walk by the river mid-afternoon to check on the bridge replacement. They have the old bridge down and part of the new bridge up. Very exciting. After a dinner of flank steak we worked on projects a bit more and then hung out a bit more before another early night. All around, a relaxing day.

The Christmas craziness is over, now for the rest of holiday…

Oh Christmas Tree…..

This was the big weekend to get our Christmas tree! Bryan got the weekend off and after sleeping in we headed out with Seneca and my parents to get some trees. It was a snowy day and Seneca was very excited (she wasn’t the only one) and kept wanting to climb over the seat to get closer to the action.


We took the jeep out to McDonald’s Tree Farm. This is the place where I’ve been cutting trees down for as long as I’ve been alive. My dad said that the first time I came up was most likely the only time I’ve been warm (I’m a January baby…)

There was already a few inches of snow on the ground and snows in the air. Perfect weather to cut down a tree. Seneca was off and running as soon as we opened the door.


She found soooo many good smells out there! I’m pretty sure we are the only people  there that like the white spruce. The white spruce are down the hill and are fairly overgrown. However it is the tree of my youth and speaks to me as the quintessential Christmas tree. Seneca took us from tree to tree and pretty soon we had found a tree and so had my parents.


(family photo with tree, minus the cat)

Bryan got to work with the saw and I kept Seneca in check so she didn’t help out too much.


Something great about McDonald’s is that they have a tractor that will come down the hill and get your tree so that you don’t have to drag the freakin thing up the hill. Then they shake it bind it and put it on your car. So after an hour of tree hunting/cutting we were on our way home. Seneca was pretty tuckered out.


Once we got it home we put the stand on it and brought it into the newly remodeled Adirondack room. There was still snow on the tree when we unwrapped it so we had to let it thaw a bit


First thing on the tree was the bear angel on top. Followed by the lights.


We switched to LED lights this year. While they are energy efficient I miss the old lights. They have such a nice glow. The LEDs just don’t have the same feel. Granted the LEDs won’t melt the carpet… After a quick bite of dinner we poured a few drinks and added the ornaments. Based on our room layout we need a step stool and the arm of the sofa to do all of the decorating. I’m pretty sure it isn’t safe but it makes it easier.


Before we knew it the tree was decorated and it is perfect 🙂

Christmas Tree 2013

Christmas Tree 2013

giving thanks

This year I have many things to give thanks for. Mainly, marrying my best friend and starting our own mini family unit (Abby and Seneca). Here is the run down of this year’s Thanksgiving

Post-wedding we have been crazy busy and haven’t had time to catch up on anything at home. Which obviously means, let’s host Thanksgiving! I took Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday off to organize and clean and on Wednesday our lovely house elves (my parents) came over and made the house pretty and presentable. After that I was ready to make pumpkin pie. It was the first time I made my own crust. Talk about nerve-wracking! This year I used a recipe from Oh She Glows with a Spelt Pie Crust. Secret ingredient…maple syrup! The crust was doing its initial cook and I got a call from Kimblie (I’m five minutes away headed to Buffalo, are you home and what are you up to?) So Kimblie and Izzy stopped by. I haven’t seen Izzy since she was about a year old. How crazy, she is a real person now! It was fun catching up with Kimblie and Izzy was a big help with the pie. My parents made me the apron when I was a kid, I got a real kick out of seeing Izzy wear it.


Thanksgiving morning came and it was a balmy 19 degrees! So…what to do? Run the Pie&Glove! Team Bad Wolf up bright, shiny, early!


After the run, back home to back up the stuffing, stuff the bird, and pop it in the oven! (Estimated finish time of 5:30)


After that whole kerfuffle everyone came over for some lunch and general merriment (eat, drink, lego). Come 4 we decided, let’s start the gingerbread house! But first…let’s take a quick internal read on the bird. And *shock* the bird is done!!


Change of plans! Jen was playing a rather intense song on piano and it added to our frantic must get all the sides done NOW.


Things were going well and working like a well-oiled machine until…oh no! forgot to put Ken’s steak on the grill. Bryan was starting to carve the turkey and I was headed to the grill.


After carving, Bryan took over grill duty. Jack and I took a horse-y ride to check the status.


Dinner ready, we took a few quick family pics and tucked in.



Lots and lots of tasty food later, it was gingerbread house time. We all got in on the action…


…and the boys came up with a neat house!


After we were going to all have pie but were a bit tired and everyone except for Bryan’s parents went home. The four of us had pie in front of the fire and then hit the hay.

The next morning, we went for a hike with my parents and Jen and her family. Seneca got a fleece hiking jacket and hiking boots for Christmas (a bit early) and wore them for our hike.


The boys decided it would be fun to take the sleds and do a little sledding along our hike.



We got to get a quick family picture and i took a few “artsy” shots





We had lunch and did some Black Friday shopping with Bryan’s parents. Latter we gave the nephews some Christmas gifts (won’t see them for the holiday) and had a turkey soup dinner (yum)


Saturday, Bryan went shooting with his dad and I worked on my quilt. We then had lunch with his parents and watched some classic Doctor Who followed by dinner. Then we went wild and crazy and hung out with friends at the bar(s). Today, listened to some Christmas tunes (December 1 so it’s acceptable) and worked on my quilt.

Not looking forward to work tomorrow, but this holiday week has been a blast. Thanks to all who have made my life what it is.